No matching indices found: No indices match pattern * - even when indices exist

Using version 5.6.4 of Elasticsearch and Kibana. Everything is setup on my localhost

I have uploaded my data and confirmed the indices exist, per the instructions here:

health status index         uuid                   pri rep docs.count docs.deleted store.size
yellow open   .kibana       kROEUVWbQMWE-bMGYZCNcA   1   1          1            0      9.3kb          9.3kb
yellow open   travel-sample rElzvrZgQWKfqUiO5zhhRQ   5   1      32616            0     44.1mb         44.1mb
yellow open   shakespeare   48nwK8PBSmiSYtV8pLLZlA   5   1     111396            0     21.6mb         21.6mb
yellow open   cases         ZIMoJ1UMS1WmOLXMZDH6sA   5   1       1109            9    514.3kb        514.3kb

However, when I try to add the index in Kibana (which recognizes it as a valid index and even auto-detects time fields if present), I always get the error: No matching indices found: No indices match pattern "AWIxOms5xIfTvlz99..."


I don't see any errors in the logs. I have tried deleting and re-creating the .kibana index without any luck. I have also read through the dozens of posts w/ people experiencing similar issues, which are almost all due to the indices not existing on Elasticsearch, which is not the problem here.

Any other ideas? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Have you ensured that the user you're logging into Kibana with has permission to read the data in that Index? If you have already done that, I would try and increase the time picker to a larger time range in which the data falls.

Let us know if it works

I haven't setup any authentication or access controls for Elasticsearch or
Kibana. I confirmed this by getting results via: curl

The shakespeare dataset from the example doesn't have any date range, so
that's not impacting it either.

Any other ideas? Thanks for your help!

I have tried reinstalling w/ v5.6.7 and I'm still having the same issue.

I'm using Couchbase's Elasticsearch plugin so perhaps it's related to the default template?

"template" : "*",
"order" : 10,
"mappings" : {
    "couchbaseCheckpoint" : {
        "_source" : {
            "includes" : ["doc.*"]
        "dynamic_templates": [
                "store_no_index": {
                    "match": "*",
                    "mapping": {
                        "store" : "no",
                        "index" : "no",
                        "include_in_all" : false
    "_default_" : {
        "_source" : {
            "includes" : ["meta.*"]
        "properties" : {
            "meta" : {
                "type" : "object",
                "include_in_all" : false


OK I figured it out... I'm not really sure why this fixed it but:

The index name needs to be specified as the Index pattern ID, located in the Advanced Settings.


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