No monitoring data found error. The .monitoring index is also not found

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I am seeing the error "No monitoring data found" since I've installed Kibana 6.2. Can anyone help me with this?

No monitoring data found: IndexNotFoundException
(Tim Sullivan) #2

Hi, is your monitoring data in the same cluster that Kibana is connected to?

  • If it is, that means that the cluster configured as elasticsearch.url in kibana.yml is the cluster with monitoring data. But as you say in the title, the .monitoring-* indices don't exist in that cluster
  • If your monitoring data is in a different cluster, give the address of the dedicated monitoring cluster as xpack.monitoring.elasticsearch.url in kibana.yml.

Your monitoring data will be in a dedicated monitoring cluster if the Elasticsearch nodes are configured to export the monitoring data remotely. See

If your Elasticsearch nodes do not have remote exporters for monitoring data configured, check the Elasticsearch logs to see if there are any errors related to monitoring data collection.

BTW Kibana 6.4 doesn't exist :smiley:

(vamshi) #3

I'm pretty new to this. BTW 6.4 is a typo. The Elasticsearch is installed on different cluster. The xpack.monitoring.elasticsearch.url is directed to my Elasticsearch cluster itself in my kibana.yml file. Also, can you please let me know where can I find Elasticsearch logs.

Thank you!

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