No permissions after installing X-Pack

Hi, I did just install X-Pack for Logstash, Elasticsearch and Kibana. I did put the following in my kibana.yml ' elasticsearch.username: "kibana" and elasticsearch.password: "kibana" ' and I successfully logged into Kibana GUI with that credentials but when I want to perform things in the DevTools section I always get the following error: - or when I want to "manage" my users I get the following error: - can anyone help me?

Hi there,

You are using the kibana user to log in as a user to kibana which is a common mistake, but still a mistake.
The kibana built-in user purpose is to allow Kibana to perform requests to Elasticsearch and should not be used by users.

You should use your elastic built-in user, in order to log in to Kibana and then:

  1. Create users per your requirements
  2. Create roles for your users that give them the necessary permissions to required indices
  3. Grant the necessary roles, plus the kibana_user role to your users
  4. Use the newly created users to access Kibana
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Oh thanks, yes when I use the user "elastic" I can do everything I want :slight_smile:

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Please keep in mind that our recommendation is that you do not use the elastic user for all your day to day tasks. A much better approach would be to use the least privilege design pattern and create users with the exact permissions needed (as opposed to elastic who can do pretty much anything) to perform your administrative tasks.

Currently, I have a trial version of X-Pack.
When this trial expires, can I still manage (create) users over the Kibana GUI?

This explains what happens when your trial license expires.

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