No results displayed because all values equal 0

(elastic-fan) #1

I am getting this "No results displayed because all values equal 0" what does it mean, how can i get the Pie chart

(Peter Pisljar) #2

Well if all values are 0 pie can't be drawn.

  • make sure you set your aggregation correctly. probably you want a terms aggregation on a field with repeating string values or something
  • make sure your metric is correct (by default it should be count which should work)
  • make sure your time range (top right corner) is set so you get some results back (by default its last 15 minutes)

(elastic-fan) #3

same thing works on old combination of ES and Kibana but not in the current one(its not V5)

(elastic-fan) #4

i dont know how to troubleshoot this issue

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