NoClassDefFoundError in installation

Get the following error when running elasticsearch.bat

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: C:\Users\sv_ldn\ElasticSearch\elasticsearch-6/5/4\lib\elasticsearch-cli-6/5/4/jar

I put an echo in elasticsearch-env.bat before the version check

echo "%JAVA%" -cp "%ES_CLASSPATH%" ""

The output was

""C:\Oracle\product\\client\jdk\bin\java.exe"" -cp "C:\Users\sv_ldn\ElasticSearch\elasticsearch-6.5.4\lib*" ""

Any help appreciated in resolving the exception

This looks weird to me elasticsearch-6/5/4\lib\elasticsearch-cli-6/5/4/jar. It should be something like elasticsearch-6.5.4\lib\elasticsearch-cli-6.5.4.jar. Did you modify any file?

No, and as you can see if when echo, it does print it out correctly. But the actual exception message does seem to have the weird formatting

The only thing I modified was the elasticseach-env.bat to print the echo. Same problem if remove that statement.

I don't know. May be someone from the microsoft team knows?

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