Node restart - initializing state


I have a question about the recovery mechanism of a shard following a node restart.

Before restarting a node, I always disable the allocation (cluster.routing.allocation.enable = none).

I noticed that when the node is restarted, the shards of the indices for the current day are in the "initializing state". This step only lasts a few minutes and I am wondering what happens during this time.

  • Is it the necessary time to apply the modifications which happened during the restart of the node ?
  • Why do I see this "initializing state" for the indices of the day only ?

Thanks for your help,

All shards go through the INITIALIZING state when they are starting, so you probably only see this on today's indices because they spend longer initialising than the other shards, and this is indeed probably due to the need to catch up on what happened while the node was down.

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