Node Up / Down Monitoring

I'm with a team that is migrating our monitoring stack to open source. I've implemented some fantastic performance and service-specific monitoring using the ELK stack.

One key monitor I need to implement which isn't exactly straightforward is simple node Up/Down monitoring. I've got this working down to a service-specific level by using Nmap to write to a file which I tail with Filebeat
(e.g. nmap mapsmysql01 | grep mysql >> /var/log/alerts/mysqlup.log)

However, I must intermittently check that both mysql is down and filebeat is up before throwing an alert.

Is there a more elegant way to monitor service or node up/down? I imagine I'm missing something here..

Heartbeat (snapshots ) might be of interest to you. It's a new Beat we are working on to monitor availability.

It doesn't have docs yet and it's not released. Have a look at the config file and readme.

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Thanks @andrewkroh, that looks like precisely what I was hoping for.

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