Not able to connect OneDrive source

After i created the application in my azure portal, take the credentials and everything i need as suggested by this documentation: Connecting OneDrive | Workplace Search Guide [7.13] | Elastic

Im founding myself without been aple to complete the connection process. When i set up the configuration from , (Previusly assigned the application and client id to the conector)

After that i need to login in my microsoft account. After doing that i just get redirected to the main page with any change whatsoever

This is my redirect URL configuration in my azure app. Im using the URL as suggested by the documentation. Any idea on why im not able to connect and i just get redirected without any error message?

Hi @Francisco_Gomez1 -

Just to be sure - in the last screenshot, when you click the "Connect" link beside OneDrive at the top of the page, it still goes through the same workflow you described?

Also, would it be possible for you to post your redirect URLs as configured in your OneDrive Authentication? They should look like:


(and feel free to obfuscate the domain name if necessary).

Other than that, I am not sure what might cause it to bounce back to where you are seeing. Are there any errors in your log files that might indicate a redirect or authentication error?

Yes, it still goes throught the same workflow, so im unable to advance in the integration process, i cant see any error that may cause a bounce back, where i can consult the log files? thanks in advance.

These are my redirects url:

Ah - it looks like you may need the :3002 port number in your redirect URLs (as Enterprise Search runs on port 3002) - unless you are rerouting this through a proxy or something like NGINX.

As for the log files, they typically are found in your /var/log/enterprise_search directory (may be different depending on your installation), and any errors should be found in the app-server.log file.

Something like this?

It dint work, any other idea?

@Francisco_Gomez1 - I'm not sure what may be causing the issue at this point.

The next step would be to look in your app-server.log log file(s) and see if there are errors there that might point out what is happening.