Not able to export CSV file from Kibana 6.4.3

I used openshift platform and I installed elasticsearch and kibana on that. Now I want to export csv file from discover tab but I am not able to do that. I check share button, under share button only copy link option is available. And there is no reporting button in discover tab.

Can any one help me.

Kibana version - 6.4.3
Elasticsearch version - 6.4.3


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CSV exports in Discover are a "Basic" feature in Kibana. When you to the Management section in Kibana, does it say "OSS" in front of the version number? If yes, then openshift is using the OSS distribution of Kibana which doesn't include the CSV export feature.

Hi flash1293,

There is no "OSS" in front of version number. Can I reinstall kibana on Openshift?

You can see attachment for reference.


Ah, that got added in a later version. Anyway, from the menu options visible there it's clear that you are running the OSS distribution (otherwise there would be a "License Management" and "Reporting" option).

The OSS distribution unfortunately doesn't include the feature you are looking.

I have minimal experience with Openshift, so I don't know whether you can plug in another version of Kibana. \You probably can get help with this in the Openshift forum.

Hi Flash1293,

Thanks for reply.

Hi flash1293,

How I change OSS version to normal version?

Please provide any link so I can do it.


That depends on how Openshift is managing the Kibana version. I suggest asking this question in the Openshift forum.

I have the same problem. Did you fix it? If yes, kindly let me know

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