CSV Export not available

(אבי אלמשלי) #1

Hi ,

On Kibana's Discover page I can only get Generate Printable PDF , I wish to get only CSV ,

How can I achieve that ?

Thank you



(Tim Roes) #2

Hi Avi,

it looks like you are using Kibana 5.x. The CSV exporter in x-pack was introduced in Kibana 6.0 and is only available if you use a 6.x version.


(אבי אלמשלי) #3

Thank you mate

How can I upgrade it to Kibana 6.0 and keeping all of our data a live ?

(Tim Roes) #4

You can check out the Upgrading Elasticsearch documentation for information on how to update your Elasticsearch.

Also check the Kibana upgrade guide for information how to upgrade Kibana from 5.x to 6.x.

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