Not able to read indices

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I have ELK stack installed (ELK version-7.8.0) on one Linux server(say host1). Due to high severity vulnerability of apache log4j2, I have tried to install updated ELK stack (ELK version-7.16.1) on new server(say host2). I am able to create new index in Elasticsearch and also i can visualize it in Kibana. Now I need to transfer my older indices from host1(ELK version-7.8.0) to new server host2(ELK version-7.16.1). Thus I referred following steps:
1.Shut down service of Elasticsearch on host2
2.Copy the Elasticsearch index from one server(with elk 7.8.0) to another server(with elk 7.16.1)
3.Change the permission to Elasticsearch
3.Start the service of Elasticsearch on host1

But i am not able to read older indices of version 7.8.0. Can you just help me where i am wrong?
please find below information for reference:


Index is stored in following path:
host1-java version "1.8.0_102"
host2-jdk version-openjdk version "1.8.0_242"

Kindly provide solutions to overcome this issues.

Hi Ankita,
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you can not just copy the index from one server to another with different es versions.

I would suggest you use reindex api , refer below page for more details:


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