Recovering all the dashboards from the kibana in old system

Hello Team,

We copied all (ELK )from existing server to Another Server but we are unable to see the dashboards and indexes in kibana.
Need your help!

Thank you,

What version Elastic stacks are the two different servers? Are there any errors in the browser or in the logs?

if you need help always provide more information.

We copied elasticsearch, 6.6.1 kibana 6.6.1 ,logstash 6.5.2 from one server to another server elasticsearch & kibana is running but we are not able to see the old dashboards and there is no data in indexes


what version of new setup?
how did you copy it?
did you use export import or just dd of all the data?

what is the output of this?
curl -XGET :9200/_cat/indices?pretty

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