Empty dashboard after migrating from 4.6 to 5


I try to migrate from my kibana 4.6 to Kibana 5.
I've made a snapshot of my Elasticsearch 2.4.2 .kibana index and restore it into a new eleaticsearch 5.0.2 cluster.

When I access the kibana dashboard, no data are displayed. It seem the new kibana don't like my old index.

For testing purposes, I tried to delete my old .kibana index. All is good, Kibana ask me to configure it.

Is there any thing to do to migrate Kibana 4.x index to be compatible with kibana 5 ?

Below a screenshot of kibana with old index :

Thanks in advance.

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BIGOT Adrien

Your saved objects from Kibana 4.x should automatically upgrade to Kibana 5 saved objects, so it would seem you have found a bug. Would you mind filing a bug at github.com/elastic/kibana/issues/new along with:

  • any information you can provide about the saved objects that are not working (documents from the .kibana index would be great)
  • any plugins that you have installed in either version
  • any errors that show up in the browser developer console


THank you for your response.

As you request it, I've just opened this bug https://github.com/elastic/kibana/issues/9360

Thanks !


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