Not able to search the data in index

Hi ,

I am fetching the data from database through logstash jdbc plugin and ingesting it into elastic search .

When i am querying the data through Kibana or REST from elastic search , i am getting the error as follows

Discover: Fielddata is disabled on text fields by default. Set fielddata=true on [type] in order to load fielddata in memory by uninverting the inverted index. Note that this can however use significant memory. Alternatively use a keyword field instead.

I tried by setting the fielddata=true for the field "type" in the index . But i am not able to figure out the issue .
Any lead on this issue .


Hi, @kartikeya_sharma_13 ,
You should customize your mapping before actually ingest the data, if this field you don't need to analyze it, you may set the type to keyword


also remember to refresh the index pattern, if you already updated the mapping to enable fielddata, :slight_smile:

Thanks for the input . I refreshed the index pattern in Kibana . Now its working . And yes it being mapped to type keyword.
Thank for the help

you are welcome!