Not able to see watchers UI in kibana 8.7.1 version

We have updated the kibana from version 7.10.2 to 8.7.1. We are not able to see watcher UI tab. With the dev tools command we are able to see the watchers.

Is there any way to get watchers UI?
Could someone please help us in finding the solution?

Hi @prashant1,

Have you had a look under the Stack Management menu? It should be there.

Hi @carly.richmond
Thanks for the response. I have verfied watcher tab is not in stack management menu.Please refer the attachment. Only alerts i can see but watcher UI is not there.

Previously I can see the watcher tab under stack management.


Hi @prashant1,

Can you double check your role entitlements? From the docs:

If the Elasticsearch security features are enabled, you must have the manage_watcher or monitor_watcher cluster privileges to use Watcher in Kibana.

Alternately, you can have the built-in kibana_admin role and either of these watcher roles:

  • watcher_admin. You can perform all Watcher actions, including create and edit watches.
  • watcher_user. You can view watches, but not create or edit them.

As of version 8.x security is enabled by default, so perhaps you need some additional permissions in version 8 to see the screen.

Thank you so much for the help @carly.richmond
After managing the suggested roles we are able to see watcher tab under stack management.

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