Not able to visualize _type field


I can see the _type field in the Discover Tab.

But, I am not able to make any visualizations on it. I can see that it is not indexed. But, we need to create visualizations on it, as our index will be containing different types.

Hi @aviral_srivastava, what version of Kibana and ES are you using? Due to enhancements in Elasticsearch's APIs in 5.0, _type can be visualized in Kibana 5.0+


My kibana version is 4.3.0 and ES version is 2.1.1

Is there's any way I can create visualizations on it.

Sorry, unfortunately you can't in 4.x. Until version 5.0 Elasticsearch didn't return information about whether _type was aggregatable/searchable, so there was no way for Kibana to determine if it was possible to create visualizations on it. Now that Kibana can get that info from Elasticsearch in 5.0 we can make that determination.

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