Not display certain fields in Kibana Discover

I don't want to display the fields: host, message, path at the Discover part of Kibana.
I went throught the forum and the suggestion was to use mutate at logstash and remove the fields.

in order to tailor the fields presented in the Discover part of Kibana for a particular presentation, the data should not be even permitted to enter the system.
This data should be removed right at the entrance via logstash.

I have different sets of users each interested in Discovering part of the data using specific fields with no interest in the rest. For them the rest is clutter.
In order to provide custom presentations, for the same data, in terms of the fields shown in the Discover part of Kibana, I have to run a separate ELK stack per presentation?

You might be able to achieve what you want using saved searches. That is, add the fields that each party is interested in, so they show up in the table view, and then save that for them to re-use. Do this for each group of users, or just let them do it themselves.

There's no way to tell Kibana not to show specific fields in a document though, if it finds a field in your mappings, it'll include it.

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