Not getting near real time logs in kibana

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Hi Team,
We are not getting near real time production logs in Kibana UI.Please find the attached screenshot and below mentioned ELK Version

We have restarted all the logstash,filebeat,Elasticsearch processes.There is no change after that also.Even There is no proper error log available under ELK logs.Can anyone help me to resolve this?

Not getting logs in Kibana
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Hey - a few questions. How delayed are the logs? We can try and narrow down the problem area first.

Are the logs in the discover page out of date with what we see in elasticsearch directly?

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Hi ,
If I go and check yesterday logs still it is loading yesterdays log.

We have date parse filter in logstash config,so the logs will be indexed with the date.

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Interesting. Can you verify both the timezones in Kibana's advanced settings and with the data stored in elasticsearch?

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