Notification/Alert for error labelled logs

Is there any option in Elastic cloud to send alerts or notifications to the customer via email in case of any specific occurrence of log levels from the logs collected by logstash?

On prem or on cloud, you can always use our watcher product which can generate alerts on specifying a specific condition.

have you seen this link in the elastic cloud docs?

hope it helps


Thanks for your response.

I have only seen giving the mathematical based conditions on watcher. Can I generate alerts based on string conditions in watcher?


you can execute a search for a certain log level in combination with a customer and a time range (like the last 5 minutes), and then trigger an alert if any documents had been found?


I want live alerts so that I can get notifications whenever logs occurs at the that specific log level. Is there any option for that?

@rashmi @spinscale Can you please??

linking you to a similar discuss post: hope it helps: Compare condition for checking strings in watcher is not Working?


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