Number of plots displayed in Anomaly Explorer window

I'm performing multi metrics job analysis using the machine learning module. After performing the analysis, the results are being displayed in 'Anomaly Explorer' window. When I select a cell in the 'Anomaly timeline' results, the corresponding metrics which are responsible for the anomaly are getting displayed below as both plots and tables containing detailed information.

I notice that a maximum of only six plots are getting displayed even though there are more than six metrics that are tagged responsible for the anomaly. Is this limit of 6 is the intended behaviour or should I change some configuration settings to display all the plots?

Thank you.


This is the intended behaviour. Charts for the top six anomalous metrics will be plotted (for wide browser windows the top 8 will be plotted if the window is wide enough to fit 4 charts across). I'm afraid it is not yet possible to configure the ML plugin to change the number of charts plotted.

Depending on the version you have installed, you can use the 'View series' link in the 'links' column on the right of the anomalies table to drill down to the Single Metric Viewer to display the chart for any anomalies not plotted in the 'top 6' in the Anomaly Explorer.

Hope that helps.

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Thank you for the answer.


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