Number of rows in an Excel file

Hey guys,
i have a stack of Excel files, and i use Logstash to send it to Es.
All i want is that each time i send a file to Es, it(Logstash config file) count the number of rows and save it in a variable.
Is there any way to do it?

Yes, it is possible. But why would you want it in a variable?

Hey @NerdSec,
thank's for your answer.
I want to put it in a variable so i could use it in some calculations (Percentage...)
I will consult the link you gave to me and i hope it solves my problem.
Thank's again :wink:

I would recommend that you index all the data in Elasticsearch, and then use the Aggregation functions in Elasticsearch or the Kibana visualizations to showcase your data. :slight_smile:

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Hey @NerdSec,
thank's for your advise.
But i'm still a beginner using these stack, could you please explain more how could i use the Aggregation functions in Kibana?

No worries souma, here is an easy to go through tutorial:

The use case will govern what type of visualization you create. Have a look at lens too, you will like it:
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