Numbers - ignore scientific notation

We have fields that are defined like this:

	"type": "text",
	"store": true,
	"fields": {
		"date": {
			"type": "date",
			"ignore_malformed": true,
			"format": "yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss||yyyy-MM-dd"
		"number": {
			"type": "scaled_float",
			"scaling_factor": 100000.0,
			"ignore_malformed": true
		"raw": {
			"type": "keyword"

This works just fine for most data, but has a huge issue if we pass in a string that happens to appear to be in scientific notation. For example, we tried to index a value of "00007E5479206" and ElasticSearch absolutely blows up on that string because it looks like a number.

It appears that what is happening behind the scenes is that it tries to expand it into decimal format with 5 million zeros. On Windows this can take several minutes before it finally fails, but for some reason it works on Linux.

Is there any way to configure the mapping to not try to format that value as a number?

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