Numeric Field Value in y-axes in date histogram

Hello everyone,

i am trying to create a timeseries in which i want to show how a numeric value of a field goes through the time.
This is my example:
type:novacompute @version:1 @timestamp:May 8th 2015, 14:24:43.588 file:/home/ubuntu/nova/nova-compute.log host:simpleclient1 offset:["1194","9655"] timestamp:2015-05-08 14:22:08.167 level:AUDIT program:nova.compute.resource_tracker freesize:442
so i want to "plot" the freesize value through the time. Freesize is already of numeric type and i can do aggregations such as average/min/max but i can't find how to display the value itself over time.
Any ideas would be appreciated.

Unfortunately its not practical to plot every single instance of the value in its own bucket. Average/min/max is effectively the value itself at a fine enough date_histogram interval.