Numeric values on timeline

Hello Kibana users! Can anyone suggest me how can I represent numeric values on a timeline?he fields I'm referrering to are @timestamp and used.bytes; I want to see the distribution of this field over time.

thank you in advance!

Something like this? When using Lens this should be simple (drag and drop the field to the area in the middle


Hi @matw, thank you for your reply. The examples Lens proposes me are based on the median or other math functions. I would like to represent the numeric value as it is, "without any metric" if it's possible...

So you want something like a scatterplot visualization?


Thank you for the suggestion @matw ! The scatterplot visualization is very impressive! It vould be ok also a line chart where, on x axis represents the timestamp and the y axes represents the numeric values; in this way, for example, I can see at a glance that at 9:00 am 35 bytes have been used, at 9:05 am 40, etc... Is it possible to create something like this, not necessairly chosing a metric?

so if at 9:00 there are multiple document, like 35 bytes, 75 bytes , ... how should it look like? it should not be summed up?

I know I'll have one document per minute, so my plan is to set the time interval on the x axes at 1m

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