Observability Engineer Lab 3.3 - Empty Columns

I'm working on the Oberservability Engineer lab. In Task 3.3 the lab document shows a column "event.dataset" which is filled with "mysql.error". In my environment this column is empty.
In the next step I'm asked to add the event.type column which should show "mysql". In my case this is empty as well. What am I doing wrong?

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Hi Tony!

Chances are, the logs from MySQL aren't being sent to the cluster. This could be because Filebeat has shut down, which happens if the environment has to pause for a significant amount of time. You can try expanding your time range, maybe open it up to the last year, and see if anything was populated before? Or just check the Filebeat process on the MySQL instance, see if it's running.


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I noticed this in a couple of labs as well. It takes a full browser refresh to show the column values.

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