ODBC connected to Power BI not doing "query folding"

Hi, we´re trying ODBC driver, using it to connect PowerBI to Elasticsearch.

We can see data into PowerBI, but performance is less than optimal, it seems like driver is not making "query folding" as "View native query" on PowerBI is disabled.

The query that we are using is very, very simple, just a filter on a Datetime column.

Has Elasticsearc ODBC driver "query folding" capacity for PowerBI?

There's currently no connector to wrap the ODBC driver and enable PowerBI's "query folding" mode. However, for a simple query, the slowness is unlikely to stem from lacking query folding since this capability allows PowerBI to push more execution complexity down to the data source, vs. run multiple queries itself and aggregate the results.
So I would look into the setup closer to identify the slow down source.

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