Offline installation of Sense

Where can I get a versioned installer of Sense for offline installation?

Sense installation guide shows how we can download Sense during plugin installation phase. However, I wanted to know if Sense can be downloaded for offline installation like other plugins? And if yes then where can I find a versioned URL for the same versus something like

I need something like

Here you go:

Thank you but I am looking for Sense installer and not Shield.

Apologies for the mistake, here is the latest Sense installer:

I think my question above is asking for a versioned URL for Sense. I know sense-latest url but isnt there a URL like sense-2.3.0 etc? Or is it that Sense is still under development and thus in beta...

Here is the latest as a versioned URL:

Thank you. Do you know when is Sense going to be out of beta? any ETA?

From here on out sense will be built into kibana.

I see... Then a few more questions:

  1. Currently Sense is installed as a Kibana plugin. Will it ever come out of the beta mode or this is beta is the final Sense plugin for Kibana 4.x?

  2. With Kibana 5+, are you saying that Sense will no longer be an addon plugin?

Hmm, I would say the only work that would go into past versions would be security fixes. especially since it's essentially just been merged into the kibana repo.
Sense will ship with kibana, as separate app that shows up in the sidebar with along side monitoring, graph, timelion, etc.

Understood... thank you.

Do you think it would be helpful if we give Sense 2.x its own non-beta URL like marvel and other plugins have?

The reason I am proposing this is because, we download Elasticsearch and related artifacts from your website and store it for offline installation. Folks who manage that system are iffy when they see the word beta in the URL and no SHA1 or MD5 hash associated with it. Hence, it might be useful if we can convert this url into a non-beta url and make it available like any other non-beta plugin.

That seems doable.

Since this is here, and i opened my big trap i would say an issue should be made stating your aforementioned reasons.

However I will also say Google leaves a lot of their things in beta for like ever. And you it's not so bad.

You have a point. Can you provide a SHA1/MD5 signature for the beta then? Just so that I can tell the content manager that this is from a relevant source :slight_smile:

I can certainly open an issue in github as well. Does it have to be under Kibana? I am not an expert in opening issues in Github so some coaching from you will be helpful.... mainly around the product/module etc... :wink: