Version Specific Sense Plugin


Where can I download the version of sense appropriate for kibana 4.4.2? The plugin install downloads the latest which isn't what I believe I need...

Also, which sense version is required for kibana 4.4.2?


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Hi David,

I just downloaded the latest Sense with Kibana 4.4.2 and it seems to be working fine. Can you elaborate on why you don't believe the latest is what you need? Or if you are seeing any errors?




I've not tried with version 4.4.2 but experienced issues with kibana 4.3.3 some weeks ago. So my question is more general than specific to this version. I'd rather not download and hope the latest will work when using an older version of kibana...


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Unfortunately we don't have a mapping of which Sense versions work with which Kibana versions :disappointed:

However, it is possible to install specific versions of Sense like so:

./bin/kibana plugin --install elasticsearch/sense/2.0.0-beta6

You can get a list of versions of Sense here:

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