Cannot download Marvel 2.0 for Kibana 4.2



I want to get a zip file for Marvel that will work with Kibana 4.2. I was able to download Marvel-Agent for ElasticSearch 2.0. It doesn't appear to be on the Marvel download page on Where do I get this zip file? I want to do a manual install of the plugin.

Will the latest available download for Sense work with Kibana 4.2?

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It should be possible by specifying the version of the Kibana plugin you need. Can you try:

./bin/kibana plugin --install elasticsearch/marvel/2.0.0

Edit: Regarding the Sense question, the Sense installation guide says that it requires Kibana 4.2 or higher, and can be manually downloaded as well:

(Tim Sullivan) #3

Sorry I re-read your message and you said you want to do a manual installation. Try this URL:


Thanks, this worked!

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