Cannot download Marvel 2.0 for Kibana 4.2

I want to get a zip file for Marvel that will work with Kibana 4.2. I was able to download Marvel-Agent for ElasticSearch 2.0. It doesn't appear to be on the Marvel download page on Where do I get this zip file? I want to do a manual install of the plugin.

Will the latest available download for Sense work with Kibana 4.2?

It should be possible by specifying the version of the Kibana plugin you need. Can you try:

./bin/kibana plugin --install elasticsearch/marvel/2.0.0

Edit: Regarding the Sense question, the Sense installation guide says that it requires Kibana 4.2 or higher, and can be manually downloaded as well: Installing Sense | Sense Documentation | Elastic

Sorry I re-read your message and you said you want to do a manual installation. Try this URL:

Thanks, this worked!