Offline maps in kibana 8.8

Hello, I want to create a map in Kibana 8.8, but I am in an environment that does not have internet access. Is there a method to create maps offline in Kibana?

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Yes, there is a process to host the Elastic Maps.

Just follow the documentation.

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In our case,I found that i should enable the map proxy by adding this line : map.proxyElasticMapsServiceInMaps: true in the kibana.yml file.

But i got this error :
FATAL Error: [config validation of [map].proxyElasticMapsServiceInMaps]: definition for this key is missing

You can find below what i got in the kibana interface :

This is not true for version 8.X, this setting was removed, you always need to check the documentation for the version you are using, as you can see here, this setting is not present.

This is expected as this setting does not exists on version 8, if your host does not have internet access you need to follow the documentation linked in the previous answer to spin-up a self-hosted Elastic Map Service.

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Thank you very much, I have read the documentation thoroughly, but in my VDI environment, I do not have Docker installed, and I do not have an internet connection.

However, for your information, I have an enterprise license. Would I have advanced capabilities with this license that I could use to create maps without internet access? or without pulling the docker image ?

In fact you can only host it yourself if you have an Enterprise License, but this does not change anything else.

There is not much, you need a map server for Kibana you can use the Elastic provided, which requires internet, or you can host it yourself if you have an Enterprise License.

The Elastic Documentation only mentions that the Elastic Map Server is offered using a Docker Image, so you would need to use docker to deploy this in your infrastructure.

You may contact Elastic to see if they can help.

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