Older version Link in machine learning mail alerts doesnt work with 7.12

Hi Im tring to send ML alert mail with the link to the anomaly explorer, im using the older version of the link (7.5) but it doesnt seems to work in the newer version 7.12

    <a href="<es_url>/app/ml#/explorer/?_g=(ml:(jobIds:!('{{ctx.payload.aggregations.bucket_results.top_bucket_hits.hits.hits.0._source.job_id}}')),time:(from:'{{ctx.payload.aggregations.bucket_results.top_bucket_hits.hits.hits.0.fields.start.0}}',mode:absolute,to:'{{ctx.payload.aggregations.bucket_results.top_bucket_hits.hits.hits.0.fields.end.0}}'))&_a=(explorer:(mlExplorerSwimlane:(selectedLanes:!(Overall),selectedTimes:{{ctx.payload.aggregations.bucket_results.top_bucket_hits.hits.hits.0.fields.timestamp_epoch.0}},selectedType:overall)),query:(query_string:(analyze_wildcard:!t,query:'*')))">

it get to de page but gets stuck, and doesnt show anything

what I have to modify to get the link working?

its seems that they are in diferent format

older version of the url works on 7.5!%28%27saam_high_severity_ips_exploit_fortigate%27%29%29,refreshInterval:%28display:Off,pause:!f,value:0%29,time:%28from:%272021-04-30T12:14:00.000Z%27,mode:absolute,to:%272021-04-30T12:34:00.000Z%27%29%29&_a=%28filters:!%28%29,mlAnomaliesTable:%28intervalValue:auto,thresholdValue:0%29,mlExplorerSwimlane:%28selectedLane:Overall,selectedTime:1619785440,selectedType:overall%29,query:%28query_string:%28analyze_wildcard:!t,query:%27*%27%29%29%29

newer version 7.12

@gmmorris another one which needs your input ..Thank you

Hi @ElasticLiver ,
I'm a little confused, as I'm not sure which feature you're referring to.

Can you point me to the docs for the specific alert type you're trying to use?


Hi @ElasticLiver,

As part of improving navigation experience in 7.11
we changed the URL structure. The recent Kibana version supports an older URL structure, i.e. URLs from Kibana 7.5 work in 7.11+ but not vice versa.

I'd recommend if possible to use the relevant Kibana version.

Also, your example from the 7.5 KIbana seems like a new format actually (we used to have # in the older version).
And the URL from 7.12 is malformed, I tried to decode it and received an error. Seems like the end of the URL is cut off.

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