On-Demand Course & Internal Documentation

Dear elastic trainings team,
I would like to give a suggestion. Last month I did an on-demand course. The course is divided into theoretical and a pratical part. For the practical part you are using an external soulution. THis solution is only online / accessable for a certain amount of time. In this testing environment you get the access to an URL that points to a step-ba-step documentation on how to do the training exercise. This documentation is in my opinion very valuable! The point is: As soon as a customer has no more access to the test lab, he also looses the access to that documentation.
This is a VERY bad idea!
You should provied ALL the documentation (also the step-by-step docs) as a pdf to download. Further more: There should really be no timer running out of time for accessing part of the documenation.
Please consider my feedback.
kind regards,
Stefano Mantica, METRONOM

Hi Stefano,
thank you for your feedback. We will evaluate the possibility of having the lab guide as a pdf available for download. We are also working on improving the lab timer, so you can manually pause and play.


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