One element fails

I have a canvas slide where all elements show as usual.
Only one element fails.

The Error

How can I debug? Troubleshoot? Understand what's going on there?
Version 7.9.1


Is the rest loading fast?

You should check the query then. Is it more complex than the others? Is it using other indices? Maybe your pattern also hits warm / cold data?

I have an identical query besides 1 'where' clause condition. The second query works without issues.
query-A --> where x='a'
query-B --> where x='b'

All elements are from the same index pattern.
I have only Hot/Live data. No cold/warm


Well thats strange.

In this case I guess that ES is queing the requests coming from canvas. But not sure.

Do you have a license so that you can use support? They can help you diagnosing the issue really deep.

Yes, I have license.
Thanks for the help!

I have opened a SC but elastic is not responding.
Any way I can contact them?

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