One saved Discover search without "Time"


In a dashboard, I need to display a table with 2 fields, with text as it is in Discover.
I found it was possible with a saved search in Discover, and then in the dashboard: Add from library the saved search.
But the Time field is useless and I would like to hide it.
Is it possible ?
I found the option Hide 'Time' column in View Discover settings, but it affects all Discover searches, not just some specific saved searches.
Unless there is a better way to display a table in a dashboard...
(V 7.17.6)
Thank you

Would it work to create a new data view for your index without a time field? Data views without a time field are rendered in Discover as expected

Thank you Jorge for your suggestion.
Indeed, I think the only way is the one you wrote: another index without a time field.

Another point, seing your picture:
When I save a "Discover search" and insert it in a dashbord, I get something like :

Is it possible that I get the same look as your picture ? (I use Kibana 7.17)
Is there a way to change the column headers, each column width ?

Can't check until Tuesday but I'm certain the table representation and Data Views in general have had a lot of work lately so I'm not sure you'll get the same UI in 7.17

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