One shard is not assigned in TEST cluster

Hi team,

In our test cluster, one shard could not assigned. could you please tell us how can we assign the unassigned shard in TEST cluster. If, is there any command or something to run the dev tool for assigning the unassigned shard ?

Please find the below snap for your reference.


Yasar Arafaath A.

You need to provide more information about why this shard is unassigned.

Run this request in Kibana Dev Tools:

GET _cat/shards?v=true&h=index,shard,prirep,state,node,unassigned.reason&s=state

This will show you all your shards and list the reason for the unassigned shards.

Then you can get more information using:

GET _cluster/allocation/explain
  "index": "index-name",
  "shard": shard-number,
  "primary": false
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