Only can access elastic and kibana from loscalhost

Hi, I'm newer for ELK.

I install windows MSI version of elastic.

right now I only can access localhost:9200 or localhost:5601

if I change the localhost to IP, It can not be accessed.

could someone tell me how to fix it. thanks

You have to specify in your kibana.yml:

Default: "localhost" This setting specifies the host of the back end server. To allow remote users to connect, set the value to the IP address or DNS name of the Kibana server.

Same thing for Elasticsearch - it's called there:

If I put priavte ip like 172.16.x.x, it doesn't work.
I config DNS name in kibana.yml instead of ip, it works for me.

in Elasticsearch, if I config, the service run with error.

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