'Only JSON files are accepted' error when importing Canvas dashboard JSON


When trying to import JSON file for a Canvas dashboard, I get the below error

Couldn't upload .json
Only JSON files are accepted

This issue is observed on Edge and IE11 in our Live environment which is accessed through a windows 10 machine and Endpoint security VPN. The import seems to work intermittently when using Firefox (tried on other machine). But this is a managed device and hence not possible to install Firefox.

I did not observe this issue in our development machines which is a MacBook. I used Chrome and Firefox here.

Kibana logs just have:

POST /api/canvas/fns 200 35ms - 9.0B

We are using ES6.8 platinum license. Has anyone observed this issue? What are the alternatives of importing Canvas dashboards ?

Thank you

We have seen this also and I think it was just due to someone trying to use IE to import. When I used Chrome all was well and Chrome is the only supported browser for Kibana.

So I think the short answer is you need to use Chrome.

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