Only show higher values than X

Hi all,

Show example I have some aggregation result of X but need to only show anything above 98, how can I do this?

hi @jtebbens, this isn't possible right now, but a request of this improvement has already been logged, and specifically for data tables

This would require Kibana to support the bucket selector aggregation from Elasticsearch (

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You recon this plugin might help or not worth trying?

yes, I think that plugin would work

So if I understand we’ll, you want to show only tables lines where max value is greater than 98 ?
If so, I don’t think that enhanced table could fix this need.
But probably datasweet formula plugin should fix your need.

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Thanks @fbaligand for your response. One need is indeed to show only the 98% and above to list (filters in the table is max per device/interface) problem is it will show all the max values but I want to limit onlythe 98% and up values there. Another table I have is looking at count=0 or less than 10 results.

Your plug would at least assist me on hiding that count results. Which I only want to list the fields but not show the count or value results and hide it.

One side effect I notice from your plugin I try to test is that it seems to only show the enhanced table in the visual list on Safari/Ipad but not on Firefox or Chrome when I browse to Kibana. Not sure if you are aware of this. ELK version used currently is 6.5.1

Well, happy if enhanced-table could help you for some use case!
For your " Only show higher values than X" need, I plan to add a new feature "Lines computed filter" that would answer that need.
In this editor setting, you can set an "expr-eval" formula using column values to say if line is displayed or not. Example: "col3 >= 98"

But for now, such a feature is not available.
Filter Bar is a "full text search" feature for dashboard viewers to find particular table lines at "view time".

Concerning bug on Chrome and Firefox, I'm very surprised. I personally use the plugin on Chrome and Firefox and have no bug.
I invite you to open an issue on github with all details to reproduce your issue.

Regarding browser issue I only notice it takes a long time to install plugin

Attempting to transfer from
Transferring 38208 bytes....................
Transfer complete
Retrieving metadata from plugin archive
Extracting plugin archive
Extraction complete
Optimizing and caching browser bundles...

And kibana status shows
Browserslist: caniuse-lite is outdated. Please run next command npm update caniuse-lite browserslist

I checked the datasweet plugin but that seem to had no update as per 6.4.2 so not really able to try that.

I reinstalled your plugin @fbaligand again and it works now for all browsers. Funny enough it resolved by itself. Testing my theory on the tables.

Well, every plugin is long to install, because the whole "optimized" folder is rebuilt (for all Kibana code).
The mentioned warning concerns Kibana core.

Concerning datasweet plugin, I know it does not provide releases for Kibana versions > 6.4. That's sad, but in the following comment, it explains how to build a version compatible withe Kibana 6.5:

Concerning enhanced-table plugin, enjoy it!
When I'll release enhanced-table plugin with "Lines computed filter" feature, I will notify here.

By the way, if someone has a better feature name, don't hesitate to tell me :slight_smile:

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