Filter Greater Than in Table Visualization

So here I have a table that has two columns Account Name and CountName where CountName is represent the number of Account Name, How can I filter to show the CountName greater than or equal 20 for examle. Here is my saved vis:
{ "title": "LeviTest", "type": "table", "params": { "perPage": 18, "showPartialRows": false, "showMetricsAtAllLevels": false, "sort": { "columnIndex": null, "direction": null }, "showTotal": true, "totalFunc": "sum" }, "aggs": [ { "id": "1", "enabled": true, "type": "count", "schema": "metric", "params": { "customLabel": "CountName" } }, { "id": "2", "enabled": true, "type": "terms", "schema": "bucket", "params": { "field": "AccountForWhichLogonFailed.AccountName.keyword", "size": 30, "order": "desc", "orderBy": "1", "otherBucket": false, "otherBucketLabel": "Other", "missingBucket": false, "missingBucketLabel": "Missing", "exclude": ".*[$]", "json": "", "customLabel": "Account Name" } } ] }

Sounds like you're wanting to filter on an aggregated value (count)... Is that correct? Unfortunately there isn't any way to accomplish this at the moment.

Using Canvas inside Kibana you could accomplish this, however.

Hmm I see, thanks Lukas for the info :slight_smile:

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