Need to display only row records that shows only MAX/MIN Value count among all the records.(Kibana table or Enhanced table)

Hello All,

I want to achieve this usecase where I just want to display only those records in kibana table whereI need to show only those row records with MAX/MIN count value.

Kibana version 7.9.1,How can this be achieved ,if possible through Enhanced data table plugin then kindy guide or some how from backend data should be maintaned to achieve desired
data in table.

@fbaligand Can u plz guide here? Many thanks for enhanced data table plugin as it comes handy
with many usecases.


Any suggesstion would be helpful.



I'm sorry but I don't see any way to display only MIN/MAX count value rows...

You can eventually do it with enhanced table, if you really have your last column with “MAX VALUE” and “MIN VALUE”.
But I guess you don’t really have this column.

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Hello @fbaligand ,

Many thanx for looking into this and taking out time to look into this.Yes you're right I don't have that column.
So actual senario is there are multiple servers and all of those servers for ex say I'm having average values column i.e sum of values / n.So the idea is to just display min and max value that constitue to the sum.Ex:(10+20+30+40+50)/n.....Data needed 10(min) and 50(max) and just display only those timestamp values and neglect other records.
Backend in elastic all records of timestamp is present but in frontend only min/max value rows should be present.
I'll try and check how can this be done from backend and data is from different servers and these rows data belong to them so a bit challenging.Currently trying if logstash could help here.

Again Many thanx for ur timely response and time.

Well, you could eventually do it using these steps:

  • check “show metrics for all bucket levels”
  • then add a “min bucket” metric based on a terms agg (same as your "HOST" column) and a metric agg (the metric where you want only to see min and max).
  • add a “max bucket” metric with same parameters
  • then in “rows computed filter”, set:
    col3 == col1 or col3 == col2
    given that col1 is "global min" for one timestamp, col2 is "global max" for one timestamp, and col3 the metric where you want to keep only the min and max.
  • finally, in “hidden columns”, hide every column that you don’t want to show.

It is quite complicated, but I don’t see another way to do.

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