Open a non-http link


In my data i have some ip adress. I would like to open a teamviewer connection with this IP adress.
So, for this, i have modified the data view. I change the field's type in "Link", and i put this in the URL template : "teamviewer10://control?device={{value}}"

The problem is that Kibana dont understand the link and interpret like this : "https://mydeploiement:XXXX/app/teamviewer10://control?device=IPAdress"

Apparently the problem is that my link does not start with HTTP.

So how can I get Kibana to open a link without http in the right way?
If it's impossible, do you have a trick? (An http link that allows to open others... I don't know ^^)

If you have some questions, I'm here.


Hi @GinkoLucas,

This is a known issue. Please use these links for tracking and commenting:

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