Open closed index encountered problems

Hi elastic community,
I recentley closed an open index in my elastic cluster version 7.0. Few days after I re-opened that closed index.Everything worked fine and reponses status was ok. I used to get indices status by calling curl "http://localhost:9200/_cat/indices?pretty&s=store.size:desc" API.
The output shown for that has my index with the following result:

green open my-index                us5RB70rQ5-Zzkbg8z9Qcw 5 0 12959306   3910    6.9gb    6.9gb

which probably means that the is no problem but when I queried a match all on the index, there is no docs inside it :)) Also to mention I performed a reindex on the my-index previously . (Before closing the index)
So I ask for any help to wheter get other status.

P.S: I didn't ran out of memory cause shard allocation failure.

Solved it by watching throw it's setting and unfreeze the index :))
The index was previously freezed and then closed. So after opening the index it remains frozen and the docs were not seen.

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