Opening an unsaved visualization ignores the query

Hey ,

We are setting up a new Cluster with Version 7.6.2.
1x Node with Elasticsearch coordination + Logstash and Kibana
3x Nodes with Elasticsearch Data / Master

As we were testing it, we encountered the issue, that opening an unsaved visualization returns the data without regarding the filter.

Our Cluster is not public so I can only show some screenshots instead of providing direct access.

So as an example we used this Visualization with the following Query filtering out some status codes

sc_status:>0 AND NOT sc_status:[200 TO 399] AND NOT sc_status:404

The query is then also visible in the Inspect section

Now if we either reload the page, or share the URL with someone else the query somehow doesn't affect the results anymore.
As you can see in the image below the query is still present in the visualization but there are a lot more results. Also if we inspect it there is no query visible in the request anymore (bottom right in the picture)

Is this maybe a known issue or even planned behaviour?
Our old environment is running on version 6.2.4 without the issue mentioned above.

This wouldn't happen if the Visualization is saved before sharing, but our users often create Visualizations that they only use a handful of times, so they don't want to clutter the overview of the saved visualizations

Many thanks & kind regards

This is indeed a bug in 7.6.2 - it will be fixed in the upcoming version 7.7.0 which should be released shortly:

Didnt see that, thank you very much :slight_smile:

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