Dashboard and visualization loss in kibana after elasticsearch reboot

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I installed elasticsearch with a node, logstash and kibana in version 5.2.0 on the same machine.

Recently, my elasticsearch server is restarting itself alone (I search the solution in same time). However, I have to restart kibana when that happens. And after, I no longer have all my indexes, dashboard and visualizations that I had saved. There are only the first that I had imported at the beginning, created with an old version of kibana.

I am therefore forced to import my latest backup of dashboards and visualization.

Have you ever encountered the problem? Do you know why we lose dashboards and visualizations after a kibana reboot?

I looked in the configuration files, I found no settings about it.

Thank for help.

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All of the data mentioned is saved in the .kibana index in elasticsearch. Are you experiencing data loss anywhere else in your cluster? The data loss is probably related to elasticsearch crashing, so I would start from there.

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