Dashboards and indices lost

(Leo) #1

Periodically Kibana or Logstash loses its memory.

Even though I have created and saved dashboards I receive the following message:

Looks like you don’t have any dashboards. Let’s create some!

Similarly with indices and visualizations - none are found.

The data is still intact and once the index is recreated, everything works fine.

I previously installed and removed X-Pack. Is it possible that there is still something that needs cleaning up? reveals the following (snipped):

yellow open wifi-firewalls-2017.07.15 8ROe6dENQsii4CLTgDPTiQ 5 1   12674 0   3.6mb   3.6mb
yellow open wg-firewalls-2017.07.16   fjZ7lIuHS-aMFAYjT_e0-w 5 1 2373882 0   2.2gb   2.2gb
yellow open pfs-firewalls-2017.07.12  8BmTEQgpR46OcOIvHPppEA 5 1  331975 0 169.2mb 169.2mb
yellow open pfs-firewalls-2017.07.17  lvgLze4FStqo-Lsf-iqabA 5 1  348754 0 181.9mb 181.9mb
yellow open ukf-firewalls-2017.07.15  vcbD2_ZwTHyj2g2yJ2Ikug 5 1   87979 0  76.3mb  76.3mb
yellow open .kibana                   AkYiT9abQBCGR51iRC3WPQ 1 1       5 0  43.8kb  43.8kb
yellow open wifi-firewalls-2017.07.17 W-G5rfjeRk2vMEDigx-Jcw 5 1   19737 0     6mb     6mb
yellow open wg-firewalls-2017.07.18   VP434q-7QVuEGPSkcb-54g 5 1 2707463 0   2.8gb   2.8gb

(Peter Dyson) #2

If the .kibana index (where visualisation config is stored) was deleted or removed due to issues with the data path, then this is one scenario that would reset your visualisations.

(Leo) #3

Bit silly really - I had a cron job deleting indices older than 7 days. It never occurred to me that it would also be deleting the .kibana index.

I have now included the kibana filter in the curator config.

(Peter Dyson) #4

Glad to see you’ve solved it. :slight_smile:


Peter Dyson

(system) #5

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