Dashboards and indices lost

Periodically Kibana or Logstash loses its memory.

Even though I have created and saved dashboards I receive the following message:

Looks like you don’t have any dashboards. Let’s create some!

Similarly with indices and visualizations - none are found.

The data is still intact and once the index is recreated, everything works fine.

I previously installed and removed X-Pack. Is it possible that there is still something that needs cleaning up? reveals the following (snipped):

yellow open wifi-firewalls-2017.07.15 8ROe6dENQsii4CLTgDPTiQ 5 1   12674 0   3.6mb   3.6mb
yellow open wg-firewalls-2017.07.16   fjZ7lIuHS-aMFAYjT_e0-w 5 1 2373882 0   2.2gb   2.2gb
yellow open pfs-firewalls-2017.07.12  8BmTEQgpR46OcOIvHPppEA 5 1  331975 0 169.2mb 169.2mb
yellow open pfs-firewalls-2017.07.17  lvgLze4FStqo-Lsf-iqabA 5 1  348754 0 181.9mb 181.9mb
yellow open ukf-firewalls-2017.07.15  vcbD2_ZwTHyj2g2yJ2Ikug 5 1   87979 0  76.3mb  76.3mb
yellow open .kibana                   AkYiT9abQBCGR51iRC3WPQ 1 1       5 0  43.8kb  43.8kb
yellow open wifi-firewalls-2017.07.17 W-G5rfjeRk2vMEDigx-Jcw 5 1   19737 0     6mb     6mb
yellow open wg-firewalls-2017.07.18   VP434q-7QVuEGPSkcb-54g 5 1 2707463 0   2.8gb   2.8gb

If the .kibana index (where visualisation config is stored) was deleted or removed due to issues with the data path, then this is one scenario that would reset your visualisations.

Bit silly really - I had a cron job deleting indices older than 7 days. It never occurred to me that it would also be deleting the .kibana index.

I have now included the kibana filter in the curator config.

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Glad to see you’ve solved it. :slight_smile:


Peter Dyson

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