Oracle DB monitoring - Error while running metricbeat


I have been struggle on how to monitored an oracle DB instance, using the ELK stack. I have install everything Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana, Metricbeat but I am getting some error and I will attach the error in the below.

Oracle module yml file:

- module: oracle
  metricsets: ["tablespace", "performance"]
  enabled: true
  period: 10s
  #hosts: ["username:password@"]
  #hosts: ['user="username" password="password" connectString=""']
  hosts: ['user=username password=password connectString= sysdba=true']
  #hosts: ["username/password@0.0.0.:1521/ORCLPDB1.localdomain"]
  #hosts: ["username/password@ as sysdba"] 

Tried the above configuration but still getting the below error


ERROR [reload] cfgfile/list.go:99 Error creating runner from config: 2 errors: host parsing failed for oracle-tablespace: error parsing URL: parse

invalid character " " in host name; host parsing failed for oracle-performance: error parsing URL: parse

Can someone help on this to solve?

I edited your post to format the code to make it easier to read. You should really try to do that going forward.

The hosts you currently have uncommented is incorrect as it does not use quotes around the values.

Please try the second one and provide as much of the error as you possibly can.

Also curious if you have special characters in the password?

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