Metricbeat oracle module

We are trying to connect the oracle module in metricbeat
if we use
hosts: ["oraclemonitor/apassword@//host:1521/TESTDV"]
it works but then we see the password in plain text in the kibana message

And if we use this(in many different ways )
hosts: ["@//host:1521/TESTDB"]
username: oraclemonitor
password: apassword

We are getting connections errors. Any suggestions ?
We don't want the password in plain text in the message


I think that you need to remove the @ character from the host. It is only used when you want to suffix the host with the credentials.

If I remove the "@" i am getting the following error:
ERROR cfgfile/reload.go:273 Error loading config from file '/etc/metricbeat/modules.d/oracle.yml', error invalid config: yaml: line 9: did not find expected key

This is not related to the host setting. This indicates that your config is not valid at line 9. Can you check your yml validity? Feel free to share your config here to have a look.

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