Order Bar chart according to bar size

(Ofer Kesten) #1


is there a way to have the bar chart automatically arrange the bars in order, from smallest to largest?

in the picture, i'd like to have all the reds on the left, then the blue and on the right the green.


(Matt Bargar) #2

What aggregation are you using to create the buckets for the bar chart?

(Ofer Kesten) #3


All of them are sum aggregation.

(Matt Bargar) #4

But which aggregation are you using on the x-axis. Terms?

(Ofer Kesten) #5

None actually.
This is exactly how i want the data to be presented for my use case.
Why does it matter?

(Matt Bargar) #6

It matters because different aggregations have different options for sorting. You must be using some bucketing aggregation, otherwise there would be only one bar.

One of these?

(Ofer Kesten) #7

no, none:

(Matt Bargar) #8

Ah I see, you're using the grouped bar mode. In that case the answer is no, you can't affect sort order beyond manually rearranging them in the sidebar.

That might make a nice enhancement request on Github though https://github.com/elastic/kibana/issues

(Ofer Kesten) #9

Thanks Matt,

I'll add that request.


(system) #10