Order by dynamically by a field in bar chart

I Plot a bar chart in kibana visualization and I am showing multiple bar for multiple fields value in x-axis.
I want to add filter and set order on chart based on any filed.

Chat image is below.

Any filter option on dashboard who can change order of bar(asc/desc) in above image.
Like descending chart based of green, red or blue bar field.

Vikram Singh

HI @vikramdayma

It is currently not possible to client side sorting chart categories in Lens, but you can track this issue: [Lens] Allow client-side sorting of dimensions and legends at datasource level for all chart types · Issue #86184 · elastic/kibana · GitHub

Thanks Marco for reply.

I am searching this option in Vertical bar chart visualization.

In the linked issue the feature is tracked for all type of charts.

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