Set Kibana bar chart bucket order according a metric field

I created Bucket bar chart with multiple metric fields.
Now I want to sort order descending to a metric field.
But I only want to filter this bucket basis of one field.

Here is an image

I want to descending order the bucket based on my first metric field (shown in blue color).
Currently it is ordering by "order bucket by sum" option in panel setting.

Vikram Singh

Hi @vikramdayma ,

it is not currently possible to sort chart buckets client-side at the moment.
The order by option available both in Visualize and Lens describe how the "server" should sort them before picking the "Top N" terms and return to the client. In Lens we renamed this option as "Rank by" to be more precise and less ambiguous about its scope.

There's a Kibana issue you can track about the development of this feature: [Lens] Allow client-side sorting of dimensions at datasource level, for all chart types · Issue #86184 · elastic/kibana · GitHub

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